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Obesity is prevalent in today’s society. At Hanei Health Solutions, we understand that you must take control of your life and live a healthy lifestyle. With our team at your side, you can set the course for a healthy future on the road to weight loss.

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Obesity is a complex disease caused by diet, genetics, and lifestyle factors. Obesity is characterized by excessive body fat that can have many adverse effects on one’s health, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and particular cancers.

Obesity is when someone’s body weight exceeds the normal range for their age and height. In comparison, body weight is determined by more than a person’s diet and physical activity and obesity results in serious health problems. When a person is diagnosed with obesity, other health conditions can be associated.

Regarding obesity, it is essential to consider that it can be controlled through various methods. At Hanei Health Solutions, we believe in the health of every individual. We are committed to helping individuals achieve optimal health. It includes working to reduce any risk factors that may lead to obesity. Hanei Health Solutions in Gaithersburg and Catonsville, MD, has developed various programs that help those suffering from obesity obtain better health care and lifestyle management.

Three Types Of Obesity

Medical professionals classify obesity into three main classes based on how severe the condition is. Experts use Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine a person’s weight classification. BMI is one of the most widely used methods to determine whether an individual is overweight or obese.

Class 1 obesity: BMI 30 – <35 kg/m²

Class 2 obesity: BMI 35 – <40 kg/m²

Class 3 obesity: BMI 40+ kg/m²

These three types of obesity were developed to distinguish between average, overweight, and obese individuals. It helps determine the level of risk in an individual. However, it is essential to understand that these numbers are not precise indicators of an individual’s health risk.

Risk Factors For Obesity

Obesity usually results from an unhealthy lifestyle that involves poor eating habits and inactivity. However, obesity can also be hereditary, meaning that it is caused by genetic factors such as your genetic makeup and having a family history of obesity. In addition to these genetic factors, other risk factors are associated with obesity.

Some of the most common risk factors for obesity include:

Diet: A diet that is high in calories and low in nutrients is one of the most common risk factors for obesity. When individuals consume excessive calories, the body stores fat, which can lead to obesity.

Environment and influence: Several factors that are not under your control can influence your weight. For example, your environment can affect how active you choose to be and what you decide to or don’t want to eat.

Genetics: Some people are more likely to be overweight due to their genetics. Genetics is one of the most common risk factors for obesity.

Psychological factors: Depression and other psychological issues can also influence an individual’s weight. Other psychological factors include stress and anxiety.

Suppose you or your loved one is suffering from obesity. In that case, it is essential to correct the problem to obtain better health. Hanei Health Solutions in Gaithersburg and Catonsville, MD, can help you or your loved one become healthier and learn how to reduce obesity and other health risk factors associated with obesity.

Prevalence In Obesity

Obesity has become a significant health concern in the United States. More than 41.9% of Americans were overweight or obese in 2017 – 2020 (CDC). It is a serious concern that can devastate your health and well-being.

Obesity is especially common during childhood and adolescence and can contribute to several health problems. Experts believe that the prevalence of obesity during childhood and adolescence is a significant concern because it can have adverse effects on an individual’s health later in life.

How Does Obesity Affect Our Body?

Obesity can affect the way that the body functions, and this can result in serious health problems. Some of the most common health effects of obesity include:

• Diabetes

• Heart disease

• High blood pressure

• Stroke

• Gallbladder disease

These diseases and health problems can take a severe toll on your health. However, you can significantly improve your health and well-being when you seek treatment from a provider like Hanei Health Solutions in Gaithersburg and Catonsville, MD.

Diagnosis For Obesity

Diagnosing obesity is necessary for your doctor to determine your condition’s severity and determine how best to treat it. Your doctor will gather as much information about you as possible such as your age, height, weight, and diet that you are currently taking. Your doctor will also ask you about your family history and what medications you are presently taking. Your doctor may also perform a physical exam to check for other conditions causing the weight issue.

At Hanei Health Solutions in Gaithersburg and Catonsville, MD, we use professional diagnostic tests to determine whether or not you or your loved one is suffering from obesity. Our specialists use various methods, including body mass index (BMI), waist circumference measures, and blood tests, to determine toxins such as cardiovascular risk factors and cholesterol levels.

Management And Treatment For Obesity

You and your loved one should only consider treatment if you or they are suffering from obesity. Our specialists will determine the best action to help you or your loved one achieve a healthier lifestyle. The first step in managing obesity is to accept that you have a problem and identify how eating habits, exercise, and other lifestyle choices can be changed to prevent obesity from returning.

At Hanei Health Solutions, our specialists provide a variety of programs that help with weight loss and management.

Our programs include the following:

Dietary Changes: Keeping a healthy diet is key to losing weight. Our staff can help you or your loved one make diet changes that will allow you or them to reduce the number of calories consumed without affecting the quality of their eating.

Behavioral Therapies: Our programs include behavioral therapies that can help you or your loved one to make small changes in your eating habits, exercise, and other lifestyle factors. These programs provide the support, motivation, and accountability that you or your loved one needs to form good habits.

Medication: Several medications can aid in weight loss and management. Our specialist will recommend the best remedy for you or your loved one, depending on their condition and other conditions contributing to the weight issue.

These treatments can help you or your loved one improve their health. These are just some of the treatment options that we offer. Suppose you or your family member suffers from obesity. In that case, we encourage you to call us at Hanei Health Solutions in Gaithersburg and Catonsville.

How To Prevent Obesity?

There are several ways to prevent obesity and live a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are usually recommended as the best treatment option for obesity. Providers like Hanei Health Solutions in Gaithersburg and Catonsville, MD, can help you make these changes.

For most people with obesity, staying active is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy weight. It can include walking and other forms of exercise such as aerobics, running, and swimming. Building muscle helps people burn more calories while at the same time preventing obesity.

Eating foods that have a low glycemic index can help you maintain a healthy weight. Foods like frozen vegetables and beans are great options as they do not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. For most people with obesity, cutting sugar and saturated fat is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight.

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